WAM-120 Technical  Details (2002)


The WAM-120 is an integrated package that allows simplified installation and raised thrust lines. The WAM-120 will run on turbine fuels and is turbo-charged for good hot/high power and altitude performance.

Target Rating: 90kW (120HP)

Operating Cycle: Uniflow scavenged 2-stroke CITEC*

Mounts: Wilksch Para-FocalTM at anti-propeller end

Cooling: Liquid cooled with integral heat exchanger (radiator)

Oil System: Pressure fed system with wet sump

Weight: 100kg inc. oil system and cooling pack

Electrical System: 12 volt Starter and Alternator (30amp nominal)

Governor: "AND-20010" drive pad provided for standard hydraulic governor

TBO: 1000 hours launch aim with extension to 2000 hours

Dimensions (approx.): H 66cm (26") x L 77cm (30") x W 53cm (21")

*CITEC = Compression Ignition Turbo Exhaust Charged
Prices / details subject to change without notice.

WAM-120 Europa version - features special mount positions compatible with the Europa foot-wells (not shown on drawing 416).   Contact WAM for further details.