This engine is an entirely new design aimed at the light aircraft industry. The engine is manufactured entirely in the United States by Needleyengine Company.All components are of the highest quality available from the automotive/racing aftermarket as well as designed and fabricated by us..All castings are produced from our patterns in Los Angles CA area foundries. Many of the internal components and dimensions are common to the small block Chevrolet

TYPE: Two cylinder horizontally opposed air- cooled 4 stroke push-rod piston engine.
CYLINDERS: Bore 4.125".Stroke 3.750".Aluminum alloy head bolted to the cylinder barrel with studs attached in the crankcase. Heads have provisions for dual spark plugs.

PISTONS: Machined from aluminum alloy forgings. Pistons have one oil control ring and two compression rings.Fully floating gudgeon pins with steel retainer rings. Compression ratio 9to1.
CONNECTING RODS: Forged steel.Chevrolet small block dimensions.
CRANKSHAFT: One piece forged steel. Rod throws clocked 180 degrees. Thrust bearings suitable for pusher or tractor configurations.
CRANKCASE: Aluminum alloy casting split on vertical centerline.
VALVE GEAR: Two valves per cylinder. Small block Chevrolet dimensions. Intake 1.94" Exhust 1.5".
INDUCTION: One Mikuni flatslide carburetor with induction passages cast into the oil pan for elimination of carburetor ice.
IGNITION: Two Slick impulse magnetoes or a combination of magnetos and solid state electronic ignition.
LUBRICATION; Full pressure wet sump type.
ACCESSORIES; Gear driven accessory case on rear of the engine with four pads.Alternator, two magnetos, and fuel pump. Electric starter mounted on the upper front of the crankcase, and engages a ring gear bolted to the prop flange.
DIMENSIONS: Length typical 19" Width 30" Height 18.5".
WEIGHT: Basic engine without accessories 100 pounds. Wet weight with all accessories including dual slick magnetoes 135 pounds less Propeller.
PERFORMANCE; 52 hp @ 2750 RPM 103 ft lb torque @2550 RPM.
FUEL CONSUMPTION: With standard mikuni carburetor: Full power .6 lb hp hour 75% cruise 4000 msl .45 lb hp hour.