Freedom Rotapower Engine
Performance Advantages

  • High power to weight ratio
    • More than 2 HP per pound of installed weight in high-performance versions
    • Compares with .6 HP/lb. to 1 HP/lb. for 2-strokes and .3 HP/lb. to .65 HP/lb. for 4-stroke pistons.
  • High power to volume ratio
    • (Power Output / Volume) > 100 HP per cubic foot of installed volume
    • Compares with 36 HP/ft³ to 50 HP/ft³ for 2-strokes and 10 HP/ft³ to 20 HP/ft³ for 4-stroke piston engines.
  • Few moving parts
    • Moving Parts - only 2 for single rotor engine.
    • Compares to 7 parts for 2-stroke and 25 parts for 4-stroke piston with same instantaneous output torque.
  • Solid fuel economy
    • Specific Fuel Consumption < .45 lb./HP-hr ~ (stratified charge). Expect <.4 lb./HP-hr when both stratified charged and turbo-charged
    • Compares to .65 lb./HP-hr for 2-strokes and ~ .4 lb/HP-hr for the best 4-stroke piston.
  • Proven multi-fuel performer
    • Demonstrated on gasoline, natural gas, alcohol and propane
    • Spark-ignited diesel, kerosine and jet fuel
  • Very low emissions levels
  • Enhanced energy at exhaust
    • Exhaust temperatures > 1500 °F
    • Acts like a naturally occuring thermal reactor
    • Ideal for turbocharge/co-generation applications
  • Low vibration levels
    • Hard mounted engine can be used as part of the structure
  • Modular design
    • Stacking of rotors easily extends range of available power

  • Patented intake and porting arrangement increases power by 50% verses OMC rotary engine of the same displacement.
  • Low cost patented approach to insulating the rotor bearing from the rotor.
  • Proprietary tip seals and rotor housing coating provides projected seal life of over 10,000 hours.
  • Tuned intake and exhaust system to achieve over 100% volumetric efficiency (using SuperTrapp technology).
  • Patented composite coating has the following advantages:
    1. Lowers specific fuel consumption by over 16%.
    2. Reduces rotor housing cooling load by 25%.
    3. Reduces rotor cooling air requirements by over 40%.
    4. Reduces emissions to near zero with charge cooling.
    5. Provides solid lubrication at very elevated temperatures (600° F)


  • State-of-the-art fuel injection system.
  • Operated Freedom Motors developed engines on diesel, alcohol and kerosene as fuels.

Patented lubrication system eliminates either mixing oil with fuel (OMC), or injecting oil into incoming air stream (Mazda).