High power at high altitudes, high power to mass ratio, auto-restart at 50% power, relibility thanks to the free turbine concept, designed just like a real aviation turbine -not like an APU-, advanced technology to the amateur builder, featuring Finite Element Analyzed parts, optimised designs, and many more advantages for this very unique customized engine...

Below, some of the main figures:

·         Power range: 75 kW (100 hp)

·         Mass: 55 kg m (122 lb)

·         RPM: 3200

·         consumption: 8 to 14 gph JET A1, depending on power setting

·         Prop flange: Dia 138 mm, with 6 9.5 mm holes at Radius 55.5 mm

·         Dimensions: 78x40x43 cm (LxWxH)

Some suitable propellers:

·         PropLing hub with 3 warp or Power Fin blades

·         Quantum III (BD-Micro Technologies)

·         Warp Drive VRS

·         mt-popeller MTV-10-B or D